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Minnesota Homeowner's Guide to Winter Storm Damage
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Minnesota Homeowner's Guide to Winter Storm Damage

Minnesota winters are far from predictable, and even on a sunny day, they can change to thunderstorms, hail, or wind quickly. These environments can damage vehicles, buildings, properties, and homes, and while most storms are over quickly, there can be leftover issues to deal with.

So, to help you better prepare for winter storm damage, we have created this guide listing hazards and steps to help you manage the situation.


Your siding plays a huge role in protecting your home and curb appeal; however, it only takes one storm to cause extensive issues. A few signs of damage include holes or cracks, peeling exterior, interior paint, warping, dry rot, mold, and mildew.

All of these will directly affect the value of the home, and in some cases, repair may be enough, but if the damage is too extensive, it could result in a replacement.


While snow makes a beautiful ambiance for the winter, heavy build-up and ice dams can cause significant damage to your roofing system when not removed. If the water from the ice dam or snow melts and has nowhere to go, it can pool and seep under your roofing material and into your home.

Keeping your roof clear of snow is crucial, and if you believe you have an ice dam, indicators can include:

  • Large icicles hanging from the side
  • Hot spots around skylights and vents
  • Poor drainage

Prevention is the best method for reducing the risks, so consider upgrading your attic insulation, enhancing your roof venting system, or using heated cords as extra support.

Broken or Stuck Windows

It's not uncommon for trees and branches to become projectiles, resulting in broken or cracked windows and exterior damage. Additionally, if you have older windows, they can suffer from absorbing the excess moisture, and the wood can begin to swell, making it almost impossible to open and close them properly.

This is not only an inconvenience but a safety hazard. If you have discovered breaks, cracks, or the window system is not functioning properly, call the experts at Timberline for a professional inspection.

Driveway or Walkway Damage

Freezing temperatures can also damage your driveway and walkway, and ice can create cracks in the material. Salt will also wear down these materials and can erode the surfaces, creating a perfect space for moss and algae to grow or water to freeze and expand later.

While adding sand to a gravel driveway can be helpful, it may require refilling the material if your walkway or driveway has sustained damage.

Timberline Roofing & Contracting Your Winter Storm Repair Pros 

Maintaining every aspect of your home's exterior is crucial, and when you need professional roofing damage repair in Minnesota, Timberline Roofing & Contracting has you covered. Our primary goal is to provide exceptional results whether you need new windows or gutter services, and we only work with leading manufacturers like GAF and James Hardie.

If you need a repair or custom restoration, let our team get you started with a free quote today; message us online or call us at 507-396-4412.

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